Monday, November 18, 2013

Art Photography by Henneman

The recent transformation to the Rest Assured website would not have been complete without the artful eye of Kathryn Henneman.  Artist and Photographer, Kathryn Henneman was commissioned to photograph original paintings and furniture for the new look.

To view her images on the Rest Assured site visit here.

Kathryn Henneman Photographs Rita Romano

Kathryn Henneman had the wonderful opportunity to photograph Rita Romano, Italian-born chef for the cover of her newly released cookbook titled Ciao Tesoro: Treasures from the Italian Kitchen. Henneman also photographed several of the dishes inside the cookbook.  The beautiful book features 175 recipes for those lovers of Italian cooking.

This project was edited by Mary L. Holden.  As a self-employed freelance editor and writer, Mary also works as a copy editor at Raising Arizona Kids magazine (, associate editor and writer with MyLIFE magazine (, and she is on the editorial staff of MiniBuk (  To read more about Mary visit her website at

For more information on Rita's Authentic Italian Cooking, visit her website at or contact Rita directly at

To view more of Kathryn's Fine Photography visit her photography page at

To preview or purchase Kathryn's art visit her website at

Monday, November 11, 2013

My Life Magazine and Linda Heart

A lovely article written by Mary L.  Holden, in the November 1st issue of My Life magazine, about Linda Heart, and her book, Mrs. Velvet and the Blue String Theory.

Mrs. Velvet and the Blue String Theory

Mrs. Velvet and the Blue String Theory, Book One: Queen of Her Fate is an experiential trilogy that illustrates that life is beyond what is perceived. The words and images on the pages OPEN UP magical experiences within the reader’s life. Linda Heart, the author, combines ancient information with the fictional tale of a woman’s journey to bring to the world the first coded book that affects the fibers of the reader’s reality, much like a Cirque du Soleil experience of the mind. It is THESECRET beyond The Secret for which everyone in the world still searches.

The trilogy is based upon the concept of Play Forward – Match Back, in which toys, tokens, game pieces, cards and theories are markers that hold space in the story as characters weave back and forth between the setup and the fulfillment of what was set up along 12 timelines. This setup challenges readers to make the nonlinear connections utilizing new neurological pathways in the brain, creating new perspectives on life and revealing how everything is interconnected—as if by a blue string.
During the process of writing this material Linda Heart began to have experiences that defy current physics models. She began to time travel. She credits the material within Mrs. Velvet and the Blue String Theory for this phenomenon. Her goal is to spread this knowledge around the world so people can awaken to their hidden potential—traveling through time.

Linda Heart is known as The Purveyor of Curiosit√©. She is an author, explorer, filmmaker, speaker, blogger, vlogger and time traveler. She has studied with shamans in Peru over chess. Trekked through the hills of England inspecting crop circles. Traced King Arthur’s steps leading to the Round Table of Camelot. Blended lost ancient elixirs that OPEN UP THE HEART. Received treasure maps detailing star gates from a fellow traveler who vanished after the exchange.

After years of experimenting in her own laboratory and traveling the world, Heart reveals the concepts that she has synthesized from these life experiences. Her reference library is full of ancient knowledge. She believes this information has been hidden from the people of the world so that they do not realize who they truly are. Simple equations and a new way of thinking are what reconnect people to their own magic and to each other.

The Blue String Theory is a new social revolution in which people can see how the world is affected by reconnecting to one another by passing a blue string along with a tag that states: “Love x 1.618 Do an act of gratitude.” (The most powerful emotion in the world, LOVE, evoked by an act of gratitude multiplied by the spiral mathematics of the universe heals the disconnection that keeps us separate from one another and from our magic.)

Linda Heart debuted book one of the Mrs. Velvet and the Blue String Theory trilogy at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2013, to overwhelming success. Thinking outside the box, she rented a bookstore on Main Street and transformed the space by removing all of the existing books and merchandise and filling the store with 8,888 paperback copies of Mrs. Velvet and the Blue String Theory. She created a one-book bookstoreThe space around the shelves of books was decorated with a complete movie set design with coded messages in the props. Everyone who visited commented on the level of creativity. Unbeknownst to them, it was all coded to pique their curiosity as time travelers phased in and out of the space.

The debut of Mrs. Velvet and the Blue String Theory at Sundance was covered nationally by National Public Radio. Heart was interviewed by PBS and local newspapers for her innovative way of thinking and for creating such a one-of-a-kind event.

“When you read and digest Mrs. Velvet and the Blue String Theory you realize the world is fighting against itself. Nothing makes sense in this world but love.”
—Angela Ittu

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Kathryn Henneman's Art Book

Kathryn Henneman's art pieces are beautifully displayed in this wonderful book.  Browse for ideas for pieces that you would like to have commissioned for your home or office.  

You may review more of Kathryn's work and shop for pieces for sale at

Book design and layout by Igor Breshnev Design.  View more of Igor's creations at



mixed media on canvas
by Kathryn Henneman

"Book Lust"

"Book Lust"

48" x 48" 
mixed media on canvas
by Kathryn Henneman

Sneak a Peak !

Just a sneak peak at the beautiful images displayed in the 2014 Calendar by Kathryn Henneman.

Contact her directly at to place your order before the holidays!



48" x 60"
Mixed Media on Canvas
by Kathryn Henneman

Modern Era

"Modern Era"

36" x 36" 
Mixed Media on Canvas
by Kathryn Henneman

Henneman Art Calendar for 2014 is Ready!

The new 2014 Kathryn Henneman Art Calendar is now available!

Order yours today to be ready for the holiday gift giving season.

11 x 17 Wall Calendar
(includes 15 stunning images of Kathryn's art)

The creative design and layout for this year's calendar was artistically designed by Igor Brezhnev Design.  View more of his work or have your business calendar created by visiting his website here.

Henneman is Local First Member

Become a member of Local First Arizona.  

What is Local First Arizona?

Local First Arizona (LFA) is a non-profit organization working to strengthen communities and local economies through supporting, maintaining, and celebrating locally owned businesses throughout the state of Arizona.
We educate citizens, stakeholders, business leaders, and legislators about the significant environmental, economic, and cultural benefits of strong local economies. We build vibrant communities that make residents proud to call home.


Mention Local First Arizona and receive the following special:

The 2014 Henneman Calendar and 2014 Journal Book is in production at locally owned print shop (and Local First member) Impact Printing! Available for purchase for the holidays, please contact me to preview and purchase!

Henneman Donates To Local First Auction

Kathryn Henneman has created and donated 

two paintings for this year's 

Certified Local Fall Festival

Saturday, Nov. 9th, 2013
10 am - 4 pm

All day family friendly fun for all ages!

Portland Parkway, Downtown Phoenix
Auction Opens: Monday, November 4th at 1 a.m.
Auction Closes: Saturday, November 9th at 3 p.m.

Preview Items and Register to Bid:

"The Secret Gardens of Spain" 
is a 12 x 12 mixed media on canvas and has rich texture and emotion.

"On Your Journey"
 is a 12 x 12 mixed media on canvas. 
This beautiful work features muted tones with bright accents and bold impasto brushwork.

Certified Local Fall Festival

The Certified Local Fall Festival is an annual celebration of all things local to Arizona.

This year's festival will feature 100+ vendors with some of Arizona's favorite local businesses, food samples from some of the best Arizona restaurants and food trucks, a beer and wine garden featuring Arizona-produced wine and beer, live entertainment from some of Arizona's most talented musicians and performance artists, crafts and activities for kids and families, a raffle and silent auction with unique prizes and items, and much more.

To bid on items donated by Kathryn Henneman click on the titles