Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kathryn's Catalogue

An art catalogue for Kathryn Henneman. Kathryn has created art since 1985 as a full time occupation and has produced hundreds of pieces of art that are now in multiple private and public collections across the world. Her latest work can be seen on her website.

Thanks to great capability of Cruse Scanning technology from Druidian Arts Foundation the images in the book are miniature art in themselves.  The book was printed at Impact Printing.

Photo by Natasha Mishano. detail of “Qumran” as captured by Druidian Arts Foundation.

"Qumran" by Kathryn Henneman

Threading Tales

What a wonderful website "threading tales"  a site journaling random things, living the experiment of life, reiki, writing, energy and infinite possibilities by Igor Brezhnev.

Showcasing printing by Fine Canvas Prints and Impact Printing and photos by Natasha Mishano.

Website is Updated!

I am happy to say that my website has been updated with my most recent pieces of art. I invite you to view at your leisure. This one is titled "Enduring Eternal Beauty"


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Diary Beginnings

'Diary Beginnings'

Starting with chalk pastels on Italian
hand-made rag paper. Then Henneman
advanced to richly textured, large-scale
art on canvas paintings.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Robust Abstract Visual Vocabulary by Kathryn Henneman

Robust Abstract Visual Vocabulary 
By Kathryn Henneman

to purchase Kathryn's new 34 page art book you may contact her at

Friday, July 20, 2012

Kathryn at the Paris Painting Workshop

Click here to view the video of Kathryn at the Paris Painting Workshop in the Luxembourg Gardens.

Monday, July 2, 2012

July Painting and Poetry Project


We hope you are enjoying our monthly presentation, our gift to you. 

"Nautilus Forevermore III"
by Kathryn Henneman

"Depths of Matchless Recall"

The human mind…amazing…a truly magnificent creation.
Godly by design, with depths of matchless recall…a sensual saturation.

I can close my eyes, clear my mind of all the collective clutter.
Then let my weary soul lift up on wings that quietly flutter
Back through time so effortlessly to nearly forgotten places
To treasured friends and bittersweet lovers, now cherished, ageless faces.

Again we are caught up in time…youthful, wild and free.
Together we laugh, we dare, we love…unafraid to simply be.
It might have been just circumstance…the music, or just the time.
Whatever it was, it has become a most lovely memory of mine.

And sometimes, oh so quietly, that memory comes along
A certain sound, a smell, a touch…the words of a familiar song.
Then time dissolves, and there we are wrapped in youthful passion
Intense emotions, feelings so tender, embrace me with obsession.

In my youth I was a dreamer…imagination my best friend.
My mind could safely take me places and bring me back again.
Now all those places of my youth have become sweet memories.
I hold them close within my heart and cherish each one tenderly.

The human mind…amazing…a truly magnificent creation.
Godly by design, with depths of matchless recall…a sensual saturation.

~ From Of Roots, Shoes and Rhymes by C. L. Gillmore ©2011~

Kathryn's paintings and Cheryl's poetry will soon be available in note cards and will comprise a twelve-month calendar for next year...2013! 
  All of Kathryn's pieces are for sale.