Saturday, March 24, 2012


by Kathryn Henneman

After reading "Thought Revolution - How to Unlock Your Inner Genius" by William Alan Donius
I was inspired to paint this painting I titled it "Foreword"

The following was posted on William Alan Donius' website and blog.

Artist Finds Inspiration by Tapping into Right Brain ~

Arizona Artist Kathryn Henneman, who has participated in shows around the world read Thought Revolution and immediately wrote about the painting she created by applying the methodology from the book. “Here’s the deal: After I read the book I painted this painting titled, ‘Foreword’”–Kathryn Henneman

Read more about the Author, Speaker and Strategist

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Easels Awaiting

"For EVERYONE who participated with sending me such inspirational titles for naming my Artworks I am sending you a print of '100 Candles'!!! Please be so kind to email me your mailing address, and I will get you your 'gift' print. Thank you all for your creativity that helped 'inspire' me". 

For Easels Awaiting...

Monday, March 19, 2012

"Take Heart"

"Take Heart"
by Kathryn Henneman

Kathryn created this piece as an auction item for the April 3, 2012 fundraiser at the Herberger Theatre benefiting the Free Arts of Arizona.

A Gift of a MiniBuk

A recent blog post acknowledged a Gift of a MiniBuk to the residents of Arizona.

Arizona is getting a birthday present in the form of a MiniB√ľk containing the art and poetry of two of its native daughters.  Read more on the MiniBuk Blog.

The Intuition Project

'Where does your inspiration come from, Kathryn Henneman?'   This question I am asked quite often.

Each time, the answer is different for me.  Maybe the
inspiration is really coming through as an 'intuition'.
So, I was quite delighted when I collaborated with
Julianna Lyddon for her new book in the works, 'The Intuition Project .

I do know that when I am asked to do a special
'commission' for a client I take in consideration so
many factors, and feelings regarding the client,
the location, the size of the canvas, the colors I choose.
All of these components play in my creative process.

The painting titled, 'First Intuition'  really conveys my
own message of how I receive my intuitive message to
create something very unique and very custom for my
clients.  I wanted an image that someone could hold
as in a book, and be holding a small masterpiece of my
work.  I am delighted to have created this for Julianna Lyddon.

Julianna Lyddon, MC

Join The Intuition Project and share your story to make a difference. When we listen to our intuition we begin to trust...we are no longer imprisoned by fear, but are released to step into the unknown with courage and grace.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March ~ Paintings and Poetry Project

We hope you are enjoying our monthly presentation, our gift to you.

"Third Generation"
by Kathryn Henneman 

by C.L. Gillmore

I wait for them
Beginning in quiet,
Drifting along, silent
Through dappled streams of sunlight
Hovering along the surface of remembrance
Translucent visions from the past
Linking across, still
Ending in whispers,
They wait for me

Read more of CL Gillmore's poetry on her website at

Kathryn's paintings and Cheryl's poetry will soon be available in note cards and will comprise a twelve-month calendar for next year...2013!

Third Generation

"Third Generation"
by ~ Kathryn Henneman

My perspective of 'Third Generations'
Ancient Paintings
Beginnings of Modern Christian Paintings
Italian Paintings
French Paintings
Spanish Paintings
Dutch Paintings
German Paintings
English Painting s
American Paintings

Monday, March 12, 2012

London Darling

"London Darling"
by ~ Kathryn Henneman

4 ft x 4 ft.
mixed media on canvas

 Is London gray?  No, it is 'London Darling'

As the light of day fades, colors grow grayer and grayer.
If every source of light disappeared from the world, colors
would disappear too and the world would become black.
For light is the source of color, and all the colors exist in
the light which radiates from the sun or from any luminous
body. It is through the decomposition or breaking up of this
light that the colors which reside in it are discovered.

I hope you, too, have discovered London, and find in this
painting, my 'London Darling'

Second Generations II

"Second Generations II"
by ~ Kathryn Henneman

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Realizing the Dream

"Still Realizing the Dream" -- All moving around in my
head - can be a lot at times!!!

There are explosions of thoughts and creativity, it overcomes
my whole body/mind system. My Stop, Pause, Go button is
engaged in my head. My creative endeavors are always
working -- it doesn't ever stop. It's ON switch is stuck ON.

Private commissions need completion, and my upcoming
October 4, 2012 exhibition with Northern Trust Bank, Phoenix, Arizona
is uppermost in my mind. The title  for this show is "Diary."

Just letting the new works flow, like reading chapters of a novel.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Thought Revolution

"Everything starts as in an unknown adventure"
Thought Revolution helped me to recognize what's
coming through. Pushing through the ego and transformed
into the intuitive/creative realm of myself. Explosions of
thoughts and creativity flow more easily with acceptance.
Thank you Bill for this great tool to work differently.
Personal revelations into revolutions.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Flight Back

"The Flight Back"
by ~ Kathryn Henneman

All of Kathryn's pieces are for sale.
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