Monday, March 19, 2012

The Intuition Project

'Where does your inspiration come from, Kathryn Henneman?'   This question I am asked quite often.

Each time, the answer is different for me.  Maybe the
inspiration is really coming through as an 'intuition'.
So, I was quite delighted when I collaborated with
Julianna Lyddon for her new book in the works, 'The Intuition Project .

I do know that when I am asked to do a special
'commission' for a client I take in consideration so
many factors, and feelings regarding the client,
the location, the size of the canvas, the colors I choose.
All of these components play in my creative process.

The painting titled, 'First Intuition'  really conveys my
own message of how I receive my intuitive message to
create something very unique and very custom for my
clients.  I wanted an image that someone could hold
as in a book, and be holding a small masterpiece of my
work.  I am delighted to have created this for Julianna Lyddon.

Julianna Lyddon, MC

Join The Intuition Project and share your story to make a difference. When we listen to our intuition we begin to trust...we are no longer imprisoned by fear, but are released to step into the unknown with courage and grace.

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